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Vivid Expressions provides Australian made Auslan materials for the home. Our ever expanding range of products for families with a Deaf parent or child combine Auslan and English in educational and stylish ways. Deaf parents, Deaf children or siblings will all enjoy our products. We are proud of Auslan and its place in our families. Whether you are learning or proficient, you too can bring signing into your home using our creative and stylish home furnishing merchandise.

We have begun to expand the Vivid Expressions range to include New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL). Our products are produced by Deaf artists, graphic designers & language advisers. Our products make great purchases for families using or learning Auslan or NZSL, for a range of ages and abilities.  They also make wonderful gifts! Have a look in our SHOP to see what’s new this month.


Vivid Expressions began in winter 2014 as a partnership between Vanessa and Amie. Between us we had three children aged under 2, so life was busy. But we had already shared a lot of conversations about how to incorporate Auslan and English into our family lives, and into our homes. We realised we were both the children of teachers, which might have been what made us passionate about language development and education! We also felt that Auslan and English had natural places in our lives that we were proud of, and wanted our homes to reflect this.

So, with the aim of creating educational resources and home furnishing materials that we wanted to use with our families, Vivid Expressions was born. Since then we have learned a great deal from our wonderful customers across Australia, New Zealand and even further overseas. After one year in business we are even more passionate about creating quality materials that are accessible for children and families who use Auslan at home.

Vivid Expressions

The name Vivid Expressions came about when Vanessa sent Amie a video clip with the Auslan sign that she felt encapsulated what the business was about. One translation might have been: that feeling that you get when you’ve been able to say what you wanted to say. But that is one long business name! So, Amie put on her interpreter hat and Vivid Expressions was born.

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Amie & Vanessa