Animals Memory Cards 3 for $69 Bundle Deal

From $69.00 incl GST

Save $12 compared to individual pack price.

Choose any 3 sets from: Farm Animals; Zoo Animals; Sea Creatures; Australian Animals

Let the animals teach you how to sign their names! These memory card games are beautifully illustrated and perfect for children and adults (of course!), to play anywhere anytime.

$27.00 incl GST
$27.00 incl GST
$27.00 incl GST
$27.00 incl GST


Memory cards help improve vocabulary, increase short term memory, and improve concentration – all brilliant for a visual language like Auslan.


– Each pack contains 28-30 memory cards (14-15 different animals, each with 2 matching cards)
– 100mm x 100mm cards
– 310gsm artboard,  matt laminated
– Rounded corners

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